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Aldo wants McGregor rematch, says interim belts are ‘bullshit’

14 Dec, 2016

Also calls out McGregor:

I want to get a fight with Conor, but as he is running from the fight, I want to see how things are going to be in the division. But we will fight at lightweight. I don’t want to fight him at featherweight. I’m the champion, and I’ve been beating everyone. I want to fight in another division, too, since this is possible now. It is not possible just for one guy. I will ask for a fight and I will also deny fights if I want to. Since [Dana White] said that he doesn’t force anybody to fight… This is me right now…This interim belt is bullshit. Even when I won it [in July at UFC 200] I said that. It is just a fu–ing excuse that someone created to save events.

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