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Alvarez: I’ll fight McGregor at Welterweight

31 Jul, 2016

At a press conference for UFC 201, Alvarez challenges McGregor,

I started my career at 170. Actually, I wouldn’t have to make the cut, so I’d actually appreciate that if he made it at 170. I don’t like going to 155; I do it because everyone else does. It just means we’ll have a better training camp, more power, and it will be a little more enjoyable. 100 percent, I’d fight McGregor at welterweight…What I’m seeing is not the right style matchups. He’s fighting the perfect style matchups. He’s not fighting the guys that will threaten him the way I can, the way a lot of these wrestlers can. If you look at his fights, he hasn’t been in a lot of bad positions, and there’s a reason for that. I’m not the style matchup that’s in his favor. I can put him in bad places, and I don’t think he’ll be able to adapt or overcome.

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