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Alvarez: McGregor has ‘WWE fans’ who ‘don’t know shit about MMA’

5 Oct, 2016

Alvarez says he was taken aback when the crowd at the UFC 205 press conference greeted him with jeers.

I mean, given the reaction of that crowd, it kind of was weird, I definitely didn’t expect that. It just sort of reiterated to me what his fan base is. His fan base is him. They’re people who, it’s all perception. It seems like he has a lot of WWE fans, guys who don’t know much about fighting at all, they are just like him. You can have them fans, they’re not the fans I want anyway. You can boo all day long. I don’t want fans who don’t know shit about MMA. I’d rather have a fan who knows the sport, enjoys the sport, and can see value.

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