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Alvarez wishes McGregor best of luck as a new father

9 May, 2017

Alvarez, a father of four, wishes McGregor the best of luck as a new father.

Oh man. Oh man. I got no advice, man. He is doing quite well, man. I think he is going to do a good job. If he puts 10% of the effort into his child as he does fighting, I think he is going to do damn good. So I wish him the best of luck. [Fatherhood] is very terrifying. You are just not sure how you’re going to do. There is no real book for it, you just got to do it and hope that you’re the right person to be a Dad. I’ve been a champion, I’ve been a lot of things, I’ve had no better success…nothing better in my life than being a Dad. That’s my biggest success I’ve had so far.

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