Conor McGregorKevin LeeMakes Statement

Calls out McGregor

1 Jan, 1970

After beating Mustafaev at UFC Belfast, Lee calls out everyone in the Lightweight division, including McGregor.

This is a division full of a bunch of bitches. I call out everybody. I’m on my way up, man. F-ck that…I reminded everyone that I am the best fighter in this division. I am the best wrestler. That’s what I came out here to show. I didn’t even care about finishing him. I wanted to show that I could keep taking him down whenever the f-ck I want to. And I would put McGregor on his back right now in this arena and there isn’t a motherf-cker in this arena that would stop me…I don’t care about the Irish, I called out Conor McGregor because I want that fight. He’s the champ right now in this division and he doesn’t have anything on me but some years. He’s 28, I’m 24. I have years to catch up with him and I wanted him to know that I’m on his ass, that’s all that was about. He’s got that target on his back and I’m one of the guys that’s chasing him.”

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