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Edgar wants McGregor NYC fight

14 Apr, 2016

Edgard talks about his upcoming fight with Jose Aldo.

It’s kind of silly. It doesn’t really make sense. But I get to fight a five-round fight, I get to fight a legend in Aldo and be on one of the biggest cards in UFC history. There’s a lot of plus sides to it. And also, the interim’s going to guarantee me a shot at the title. If I hold the interim, there’s no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. I have to be fighting that guy for the title, or my title becomes the title if [McGregor] doesn’t come down. The momentum is on my side. Last time I was coming off of two close losses up at lightweight, losing the belt and everything. This time, I’m the one with the five-fight winning streak. He’s coming off of a devastating loss. Three years went by. I’m much more experienced, I’m much more mature as a fighter and I’m much more comfortable in there…I’d love to get a win here in July and then fight McGregor for that real title in [Madison Square] Garden in November. If not McGregor, then I’ll be defending my title in the Garden.

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