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Ferguson: McGregor is a ‘poor bastard’ who has never defended a title ‘in his entire life’

25 Jan, 2017

Ferguson calls out McGregor for never having had to defend a belt.

Who knows if ‘McNuggets’ is going to come in there and defend his belt. That poor bastard has never defended even one belt in his entire life. If he’s trying to box – I will go toe-to-toe with that mother f-cker, and I will knock him out. That dude is going to try to go with [Floyd] Mayweather, the Olympic boxer? It’s OK, son. It’s a completely different sport. Come back over here, 155-pound division and defend your belt if you’re really man enough. [McGregor and Nurmagomedov] are puzzles that I got that missing pieces to. I got that missing piece for these guys. That’s something a lot of these guys haven’t figured out. I’m the antidote for these viruses.

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