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Ferguson to McGregor: ‘Come back when you’re ready to be a man’

24 Feb, 2017

At a press conference for UFC 209, Ferguson says McGregor is trying to avoid him.

He’s trying to avoid me by going over to boxing. I honestly couldn’t care less. This is a man’s sport we play…I’ve been putting in my my work and my effort, and Khabib and me are going to have this war. Whatever Conor does, I gave him a pass. I don’t have to talk too much shit. He’s got a kid coming up. I told him, go spend some of that money, dude. Go do what you’ve got to do and earn that little thing that you’ve got, and then come back when you’re ready to be a man. I’m at 155. Once I’m done, I’ll move on and make sure whoever’s next is going to get it. But right now, the fight at hand is Khabib Nurmagomedov, and we’re here to do business.

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