Conor McGregorTyron WoodleyMakes Statement

‘If McGregor wants to fight we can sign it right now’

13 Nov, 2016

At the post UFC 205 press conference Woodley talks about fighting McGregor.

I’m mean to be straight honest. Conor McGregor is a guy that fought at 145, ever in his life. I haven’t weighed 145 since my sophomore year in high school. He’s tall, got long arms, got good timing, and can place good punches. I’m 100% positive he’s not been hit with the shots I’ll hit him with. I just don’t think Conor understands the pressure I can put on him, the power I can put on him, and all the different attacks. I think it’s good for media. If he wants to fight, we can sign it right now. I just don’t think it’s a good idea for him to fight me.

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