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Jeffries: McGregor’s sparring is ‘high level’

1 Jul, 2017

Jeffries, who won a bronze medal in boxing at the 2008 Olympic Games, and has watched McGregor spar with Van Heerden, says McGregor’s critics are wrong.

I was there for the spar and have been there for many spars and they have been competitive, certainly not one way like everyone is making out. People see McGregor take a punch and they jump on him. Van Heerden is a world class boxer though, always in great shape and McGregor gave him problems in there. If I came in and saw him sparring and never knew who McGregor was, I would think he was a high-level professional boxer, not a mixed martial artist or a novice boxer. I thought this guy can fight and box…The one thing that I was very impressed with when I saw him spar was his athleticism, his elusiveness and the way he comes back with that counter left hand. Even when not in training camp and at full fitness, he still has that potent weapon.

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