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Johnston: I should be ahead of McGregor in pound-for-pound rankings

27 Dec, 2016

Johnston says he should be ranked above McGregor in UFC pound-for-pound rankings.

You know what, I believe [I should be ahead of McGregor in pound-for-pound rankings], I think I am. I think going out there and showing everything in my last fight. I showed I had a good clinch. TKO’d Henry Cejudo. Joseph Benavidez just went three rounds with him even though it was an improved Henry Cejudo. But, those guys never really took the fight to different places. Those guys didn’t really fight in the clinch, or use the wrestling aspect, or the grappling…I’ve knocked people out from the clinch. I’ve submitted people from armbars, Kimura, last-second armbars. I’ve knocked people out with one-hand punch.

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