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Kavanagh: McGregor looking for dominance

6 Aug, 2016

In an interview on Fox Sports, Coach Kavanagh says McGregor is looking to make a statement.

I really feel it has to be a very dominant performance to make the type of statement that Conor wants to make. For me, round 1 was quite one sided. I’m pretty sure anybody would have scored that round for Conor. That’s the way I see it going this time. Even more in Conor’s favor, because there was some exchanges in that first round that he was still figuring out which way Nate moves. Whereas now it’s been a fairly obsessive couple of months where we feel we have a very strong game plan to counter everything he does. I expect it to be one sided, but how long as it lasts, it’s difficult to predict. But as long as it does last, I expect it to be one sided.

Conor McGregor's Coach John Kavanagh Is Looking For Dominance At UFC 202

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