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Knight: McGregor ‘has no heart’

30 Nov, 2016

UFC featherweight Knight says that McGregor’s naked choke at the hands of Nate Diaz shows his weakness.

Don’t get me wrong, Conor McGregor is good. He’s got awesome, amazing stand-up, but you know what it’s going to take to beat Conor McGregor? It’s going to take someone with a chin who is not scared to fight that man. You got a chin and you’re not scared to fight him – you are going to whoop his ass. He has no heart, we seen that in the Diaz fight – first time he gets a hand around his neck, he tapped in four seconds…You get him down and you put him in a bad position – you are going to see that man fold…He has no ground game and what ground game he does have, it’s limited. And about that much [pinches his fingers] heart, that’s all he’s got. A man who is going to tap in about three and half seconds to a choke, didn’t even try to pull the arm down, didn’t even try to fight the choke – that’s not a true champion to me.

I honestly think that if the Jose [Aldo] fight happened again, Jose can beat him. Jose Aldo let the man get inside his head and got him all riled up before the fight. He ran in there, did some stupid stuff and got caught…I pray that you put him in there with Tony Ferguson, because Tony Ferguson is going to treat him look like a punk.

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