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Lee: McGregor ‘feeding his baby mushed up bananas’ makes him weak

16 May, 2017

Lee says McGregor is weak because he has taken so much time off to deal with his newborn son.

I turn 25 in September. I swear to God by the next September I’m gonna be the world champion. Conor gonna sit there. He gonna try to hold onto that belt…I don’t know what he’s doing, but I hope him a good life. He just had a baby. He got a girl and all that.. kudo to him. Enjoy that shit, but don’t come back. I ain’t got no kids. I ain’t got no wife. No girl. Every time he out there feeding his baby the mushed up bananas, the potatoes, changing diapers. I’m studying film. I’m on a roll. I’m running. I’m on my way to the gym right now. Every time he do that shit I’m pushing for his spot.

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