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Lobov: Training with McGregor has left me ‘ready for anyone’

19 Apr, 2017

Lobov says training with McGregor has prepared him for his upcoming UFC Fight Night 108 bout with Swanson.

Training with Conor of course has prepared me for any fight that I will ever face or ever have faced. I’ve never come across a fighter that would be able to put on the type of pressure that Conor was able to put on me. His movement is so unpredictable, his shots are so fast, so powerful, and I’m well used to dealing with that. Nothing surprises me in there anymore. I’m ready for anything and anyone…[Cub] is in for a huge surprise. He can’t hang with me in the stand-up. Cub is the number four guy. He is my hardest challenge to date. But without risk there’s no reward. I’m willing to risk it all, every damn time. Beating Cub Swanson would truly show the world that I belong at the top in the UFC.

Fight Night Nashville: Artem Lobov - Risking it All

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