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McGregor ‘controls the fight, hurts people’

26 Nov, 2016

Referee McCarthy talks about McGregor’s performance in UFC 205.

Conor McGregor, whether you like him or don’t like him, the man can fight. He is so calm at what he’s doing. He controls the fight. Eddie probably did not fight the right fight for him against someone like Conor. I think he kinda got drawn into the whole thing of ‘I wanna beat you up’. I know what the guy has got. Everyone always wants to sit there and doubt someone [but] Conor McGregor has proved… the guy has got talent and he’s got power. His left hand, he hurts people all the time. They only guy who has stayed up with that left hand – but was multiple times knocked down – was Nate Diaz, and who knocks Nate Diaz out?

John McCarthy on Refereeing McGregor vs Alvarez, Eddie's Mistakes & Conor Being Underestimated

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