Bob BennettConor McGregorMakes Statement

McGregor denied Nevada boxing license

1 Jan, 1970

Executive Director Bennett says the Nevada Athletic Commission denied an application by McGregor for a licence to box in Nevada. This is due in part to outstanding issues with the state: McGregor has not paid a $75,000 fine for the August bottle-throwing incident during a news conference at the MGM Grand. He must also produce an anti-bullying video. He is currently appealing the fine. Bennett also says that he would have to watch McGregor in a sparring session – either on video or in person – before making a determination if he’s qualified to receive a license to box. Bennett:

Mr. McGregor is an incredibly gifted fighter and athlete. He obviously knows what he’s doing as a fighter and I have the utmost respect for his abilities. But it is a different sport.

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