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‘McGregor is one of the best guys I’ve worked with’

1 Nov, 2016

Lockhart, McGregor’s nutritionist, says that McGregor always follwo his nurtitional advice.

I learned a lot from working with Conor the first time. I gave him a list of foods to eat, and his coach was like, “It would be great if he could eat all of this, but we don’t see how that’s possible!” It was so late in the game, I told them to do what they wanted to do and I would work around that. A few hours later coach Kavanagh calls me back and says, ‘No, we made the decision, we’re going to follow you 100%.’ They did that, everything went great and we’ve had a great relationship ever since. Conor is seriously one of the best guys I’ve ever worked with. I love the guy to death, he’s just an amazing guy all-around. What’s crazy is a lot of times I will go out to a fighter’s camp and they’ll tell me they’re following the program, then I look in the refrigerator and the cabinets, and there’s literally nothing on the program in there. When I went out to Conor’s everything was there. I’ll ask Conor if he done something I asked, and he’ll look at me like ‘Yeah, you said to do it!’ It’s hard to get used to [someone being so disciplined]. One thing I love about him is every time it’s time for him to eat, he asks exactly what he should eat. Conor is very particular about his coaches, and this is why he does so well. He lets me do my job, which makes my job crazy easy. I love working with him.

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