Conor McGregorTyron WoodleyMakes Statement

‘McGregor just dances around the subject of fighting me’

19 Nov, 2016

Woodley talks about  the pair of incidents he had with McGregor at UFC 205.

I think he was trying to bait me. But the hook was taken and he didn’t do nothing with it…Before the video came out. The one he was upset about. Even though he did the shit. Don’t do it and then be mad that somebody video taped it. Anyway, even before my video came out that showed where he faked tossing the chair. Before that video came out, at the press conference he said ‘I’ll take all of those belts over there!’. So I said ‘What belts?’. And then he was quiet and didn’t say much. Never once would he mention my belt. He never would mention fighting for the welterweight title. He just danced around the subject. He never once would say ‘I will fight Tyron Woodley’. Or ‘I will take his belt’. He started planting those seeds later. I saw him doing it and was like ‘Hell yeah! I’ll plant those seeds with you.

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