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Nurmagomedov claims McGregor-Alvarez was fixed

2 Mar, 2017

Nurmagomedov claims McGregor’s fight against Alvarez was fixed.

100 per cent I think [my UFC 209 fight with Tony Ferguson] is a real fight. I don’t care about him [McGregor], you guys know his Uncle Dana give him a gift. He jumped over all contenders and he fought for the title. I do not understand this fight [McGregor vs. Alvarez], he catch him a few times and he falls down—to me this is a fake fight…I no understand this fight you know—UFC give him this fight like seven, six weeks before the fight. He [McGregor] catches him a few times and he [Alvarez] falls down. I do not understand—a lot of people have a lot of questions about this fight.

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