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Big Show: I’d ‘floss my teeth’ with McGregor

2 Mar, 2017

In an interview with Forbes, Big Show says he cannot see McGregor in wrestling.

Hell No! Who’s Conor McGregor gonna fight? I’ve dated women bigger than him. What does he weight 135, 145? He reminds me of that little dog that runs around yapping all the time with a cigar in his mouth. He’s a little dog that barks. He’s an amazing athlete in his weight class, but he starts talking trash to me, Big E Langston, Braun Strowman would floss his teeth with Conor McGregor. I love Conor, I love how he runs his yap, but that’s like me saying I’m going to dunk on Shaq. That’s completely insane. I’ve got a two-inch vertical, you know that.

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