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Page: McGregor should aim for long fight

12 Aug, 2016

In an interview with Ball Street, Page offers advice to McGregor.

I feel what did him in was his ‘Mystic Mac’ thing of knocking guys out. He should never have gone in there looking for the knockout. Diaz reminds me of that episode of The Simpsons where Homer Simpson gets hit loads, hits back once and wins. Next time go in and try and beat him over five rounds, say to yourself that it’s going to go the distance. The ego took a hold. He is better and more competent as a stand-up artist, and I think he can replicate that first round, but don’t burn yourself out – just keep tagging. Aim for the fourth and fifth round. Nate Diaz isn’t going to take him down. The reason he got to the ground was because a wobbled Conor went for his own takedown…Keep hitting and moving. It might not be a spectacular fight with an amazing finish, but you will get the result that you need. Everyone’s different, so don’t fight them all the same way. Don’t try to finish him. If he takes a little backstep he can win that fight – quite comfortably as well.

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