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Nutritionist interview

12 Aug, 2016

Lockhart, McGregor’s nutritionist, talks about preparation for UFC 202.

I head out there this week to make sure he’s taken care of, feeling good and that his performance is top-notch. When you don’t have to worry about that (weight cut), it’s super simple. We can give his as much energy and food as he needs based on the requirements of the performance. Obviously, we’re not really cutting this fight, so it’s all about performance, which is fun. It makes my job fun. This time, we’re going to take a look at everything and make sure it’s on point and he’s giving the body what it needs…There are so many things that can hinder your performance. For instance, if someone eats too close to a fight, what happens is that the body is sending blood to my stomach and is literally trying to do two things at once. It’s trying to digest food and it’s also trying to give you the oxygenate the blood need to perform in the actual fights…The thing about Conor is that he stays lean all the time and is very disciplined. And the leaner you are, the easier the weight cut is going to be, because muscle holds a lot of water.

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