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Rutten: McGregor stance weak on left side

12 Jan, 2017

Rutten says that McGregor has great hands, but his stance is a weak point.

I’m in love with his hands. He is the guy, one of my favourites to watch. Also, outside of fighting the way he talks. Like with me in interviews, it’s the same story over and over again. But he can make it different every time. He’s one of those guys who constantly changes…You know his stance, because he’s a southpaw. What I thought with Aldo was, if I was Aldo’s coach a year ago, I would have said ‘we’re going to train southpaw’ because there is no way that he can block those low-kicks. If left low-kicks come he can’t block ’em. His stance is too wide and his knees are pointing inside, he can’t block them. It changes the whole game.

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