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Silva: McGregor is the best technical striker in UFC

8 Feb, 2017

Speaking at the UFC 208 media day, Silva says McGregor’s striking is unmatched:

This is a personal challenge for my life, because Conor in my opinion has the best stand-up technique in the UFC. For me, I think it’s a good challenge for my technique and for my martial arts technique and stand up. I think this is the great fight in my mind, but I don’t know. One day, maybe…Conor is the best now. I think Conor broke the records, broke everything, and [the Floyd fight] is a new challenge for Conor. [But] it’s a different sport. This is no simple guy. Mayweather is no simple guy, is no MMA guy. This is different sport. I train box[ing] for long time in my life. And when I go to sparring with the professional guys it’s so different. the timing is different, the movement is different. the people need to respect both sports, but boxing is different.

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