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Silva: McGregor’s ‘flaws are clear’

13 Jan, 2017

Silva says that McGregor should try to fight Mayweather despite his flaws.

He has flaws. We all have flaws. And his flaws are clear. He defends well, but he doesn’t have jiu-jitsu. The main thing is that he uses his movement and his opponent’s movement in his advantage. He never puts himself in uncomfortable positions. Everyone who fought him put themselves in uncomfortable positions and weren’t able to get back to comfortable positions again. I think everybody has a chance. When you step inside (the ring) to fight, you have a chance. Of course that if you’re fighting Mayweather, people would say ‘oh, McGregor won’t last a round,’ but we never know. The movement is different, how you have your feet on the ground is different, the timing is different boxing. The only way to see is putting them to fight. He would have to stop at least a year to be able to do a close fight, and I believe he should do it.

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