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Silva: No disrespect, wants to fight McGregor for the challenge

4 Feb, 2017

Silva says that because he holds McGregor in high regard he wants to fight him.

First of all, I respect a lot Conor McGregor because this man changed everything in the UFC. Because I’m very respectful of Conor McGregor’s style. I think it’s a great challenge for my martial arts techniques. I don’t talk to disrespect Conor. I do it for challenge, for myself and the best stand-up fighting. I respect Conor and I think this is a great show, it’s a great fight for the rest of my life. For the rest of my story in the UFC…Yeah of course [I’m older]. I’m so happy because in my heart I have energy. I have a lot of energy. In my mind and in my heart and I talked to my family and my family gives me support to finish my contract in the UFC. I think I have the energy to fight for more years. I think maybe six or seven years but I have energy. This is more important. I have energy. I have passion and I love my job.

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