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Swanson: McGregor should’ve been stripped ‘a long time ago’

9 Dec, 2016

Swanson says McGregor had held up the featherweight division too long.

They should have stripped Conor a long time ago. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I see what they were trying to do with him being a two-division champ, but they should have done that right away. He was the one that called the shot of doing 170. Nate Diaz wanted 155 both times. That was ridiculous. I’m glad we’re moving forward. I was upset that I didn’t get a title shot after six wins in a row, multiple No. 1 contender fights, but this kid (UFC 206 headliner Max Holloway) had like (nine) in a row. I’m glad he’s getting his shot (at the interim belt). I’m glad to see (Anthony Pettis), a 155-pound champ, coming down and fighting him. The winner fights Aldo. I think it’s awesome, and it brings excitement back to the division again.

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