Conor McGregorVideo appearance

The Takedown

11 Aug, 2016

In this episode of The Takedown, McGregor discusses his confident mindset, career success, gift of gab, and his future in the UFC.

I believe my words will intimidate. My opponents in the American media label it ‘trash talk’. I label it ‘speaking fact’. I just like to assess the situation, I like to look at my opponent. If someone asks me I speak my mind, I tell the truth…At the end of the day we get in a fight. I don’t have to do anything to intimidate these people -- they already are intimidated…I can tell when a guy is struggling with it..If no-one asks I wouldn’t say. This is the fight business, and people want to know what we are thinking, and what we are going to do to our opponent. …It’s real. If it’s not real I won’t say it…I honestly believe I can read the mind better than the movement. ‘Know yourself to know others,’ is what Bruce Lee said. Maybe to the naked eye it might seem like these people are confident. But I see different.

UFC 202: Conor McGregor - The Takedown

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