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Slaps McGregor’s photo

11 Aug, 2016

During a panel discussion Alvarez talks about wanting to fight McGRegor or Diaz in November. When taunted by the host holding a McGregor mask:

It’s hard to be intimidated by a guy who gets his suits at Build-a Bear…Hey, anywhere, Ireland, wherever he’d want to do it…He may not even win. My thought is he’s not going to win. [Me and Nate Diaz] almost got into a fight outside of the cage. I was fighting his teammate and he didn’t like it. I wouldn’t mind settling that score. Either one of those guys.

When the host asks,”Do you feel nothing towards this face?” Alvarez slaps the mask away.

Get this guy out of my face! He’s just a blank face to me.

Eddie Alvarez Slaps Conor McGregor's photo, Calls for Dublin Fight & Discusses Nate Diaz Beef

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