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Wallace: With training, McGregor will get boxing success

13 Dec, 2016

Wallace, McGregor’s boxing trainer, says McGregor can do well in boxing.

You could tell he watches professional boxing very closely and he was always showing you stuff on his phone. I really can’t see why not, because it’s not just a thing that happened over night. With him having the amateur background from when he was younger, when he boxed in the Crumlin Boxing Club, which is a gym that has a lot of professionals in it, he must have just kept that hunger for it. Plus, he could make millions from it, and money talks. It would be really interesting and great to see. Whether it happens or not is another thing. Personally, I’d love to see it…A lot of people have criticised him, but he’s just been doing boxing around twice a week, because he’s got to think about the jiu-jitsu and the wrestling. If he’s doing rounds five days a week, the only thing he can do is get better. A lot people have been very quick to run him down, but once he puts his mind to something he does it, and he does get the results…[Conor’s] tricky, hard to hit, and a good mover, but it would be about learning to slip more punches. Also, with the bigger glove, it gives you a bigger target. If he got a good camp behind him, concentrated solely on boxing five or six times a week, who knows where he could go to.

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