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Wants McGregor to motivate Irish rugby team

26 Nov, 2016

Outgoing manager Kearney says McGregor is the Irish sportsman the Irish rugby players would most like to deliver a motivational speech. Previously, McGregor recorded a motivational message for Ireland’s soccer team. Kearney:

I organised Usain Bolt, Rory McIlroy, Barry McGuigan, Niall Quinn, Sonia O’Sullivan, lots of good sportspeople, to talk to the lads but the one person they really want to get in now is Conor McGregor. They felt I might be able to pull that off before I left. I’ve a connection through someone I know to his coach John Kavanagh…There’s a lot of admiration [for McGregor]. When it comes to the talk, at the end of the day Conor is trying to sell tickets and pay-per-views but beneath it all he’s a seriously good athlete. Our guys admire seriously good athletes from around the world and they would like to find out how he mentally prepares for his fights.

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