Conor McGregorMakes Statement

Wants to buy $2m watch

31 Aug, 2016

McGregor says he wants to buy a $2 million Richard Milles watch to add to his collection. Mille’s RM 056 costs $1.65 million, while the RM 56-02 Tourbillon Sapphire is  $2 million.

I have a nice collection now. I have some Audemars. I have some Hublots. I have some Rolexes. I’ve been looking at Richard Milles. They’re a big purchase, the Richard Milles, so I’m not going to jump into it. I have the 50-year anniversary Rolex with the green face. It’s a beautiful piece. I was looking around to see if Lorenzo (UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta) has the same watch as me; I think he was copying me. Every time I see him, he has a new watch. I took a picture of the money-green Rolex and he said, ‘That’s my new favourite.’ And then at UFC 200 he shows up, ‘Hey look,’ and he had the same watch as me…Watches have always been something that just appeal to me. There’s something about having a really nice, quality watch on your wrist. Especially on my left wrist. When I feel the weight of it, I feel like… it takes you back to the caveman days, when you’d kill an animal and you would take something and put it around your neck as a symbol of what we have done. ‘We have conquered this.’ When I have won a big fight and collect a big check, I’ll purchase a beautiful watch and I’ll put it on my left hand. My left hand that I have cracked on my opponent. That hand has got me my fill. It feels like I’ve earned it.

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