Danai GuriraMagazine Cover

Bello cover

1 Nov, 2014

danai-gurira-bello-magazine-november-2014-coverGurira appears on the cover of the November 2014 issue of Bello magazine. She talks about her character on The Walking Dead, living in the Midwest for college, and her organization.

It started off very daunting. I knew I had to understand how to work that weapon (sword) and get into her mind. [Michonne was] someone who, in the beginning, was so impenetrable and so guarded, and obviously deeply wounded. She was someone who did not want to connect with other people. And that’s a weird and interesting thing to play, because usually that’s what you’re trying to do as an actor. And my character was trying not to do that, and most human beings are trying to do that.

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