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‘Obama strategy is credible’

11 Sep, 2014

Gen. Petraeus says that Obama’s strategy to counter ISIS will likely be successful, although the battle against ISIS in Iraq and Syria take years. ISIS is not as great a threat as Al Qaeda was during the height of the Iraq War:

This is not the kind of Iraq on fire, complete desperation we had during the surge. [ISIS] has nowhere the roots and the structure of al-Qaida in Iraq.

The formation of a more inclusive government will address sectarian tensions:

It’s a new Iraqi government now. There’s new hope, there’s outreach.

This could be vital in ensuring the strategy is a success, as ISIS capitalized on sectarian divisions and chain-of-command vulnerabilities when routing the Iraqi military in the group’s initial offensives:

The third failing was the population was not happy with sectarian and loyalist leaders.

In Syria, opposition to ISIS is less cohesive and the Assad regime may have to be removed before a credible force can be assembled against ISIS:

This is going to be years, not months.

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