Donald TrumpRoger WatersMakes Statement

Ctiticizes Trump

15 Sep, 2015

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Waters criticizes Trump.

I have [laughed] except it’s not funny that he’s as popular as he is. His ideas [are] not outlandish at all. It’s American exceptionalism gone crazy and delivered under the umbrella of absolute ignorance. He is pig-ignorant and he always was and he always will be. He lives in the illusion that he’s admirable in some way. And obviously for somebody like me, he stands for everything that is not admirable in American society. “Let’s Make America Great Again” [is] the worst possible slogan anybody could ever come up with. It’s silly and disgusting as well, unless they wanted to hark back to the potential. If the Founding Fathers hadn’t been so up their own asses, they might have come up with a system that fell somewhere between republican democracy that was going to work and that had proper checks and balances to prevent it disintegrating into what it has become, which is a country for sale to the highest bidder with the Supreme Court at the top of it, who’s appointed by the highest bidder eventually.

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