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Latino supporter praises

8 Oct, 2015

In a rally in Las Vegas’s Treasure Island hotel, Trump asks Colombian immigrant and Las Vegas resident Myriam Witcher up onto the stage, who had with her a copy of People magazine featuring Trump on the cover. Witcher:

I love Mr. Trump! I am Hispanic, and I vote for Mr. Trump!”

Trump, who says he had never met her before, tells her “you are beautiful,” autographs the magazine and gives her a hug and a kiss.

That’s my relationship with Hispanics.

In an interview before the rally, Witcher says she supports Trump’s plan to deport all immigrants here without legal status. She says she had to wait five years for a visa and that she and her family have “respect for the Constitution and rules.”

I’m Hispanic, Latina, and I love me some Trump. He’s the perfect man, a businessman.

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