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Queen to invite Trump to Windsor

20 Nov, 2016

A UK government source confirms that Trump will visit the UK in June or July 2017 and will meet with the Queen at dine with her at Windsor Castle. Trump is already expecting the invitation and discussed his excitement at the prospect of visiting the Queen when he met Farage and other Brexit backers at his New York apartment last Saturday. One of that group said:

He’s looking forward to it. He’s a massive Anglophile. He was really, really keen. His late mother, Mary, loved the Queen. He said, ‘I’m going to meet her, too. I can’t wait to come over to England. My mum would be chuffed to bits when I meet the Queen.’

Trump told Theresa May when they had their first official phone call 10 days ago that his mother, a Scot, had been a big fan of the Queen, and asked the prime minister to pass on his best wishes to the monarch. UK Cabinet source:

The Queen is the key here. She’s not a secret weapon, she’s the biggest public weapon you have. Nigel Farage can’t get [Trump] in front of the Queen.

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