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Queen Elizabeth II

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20 Nov, 2016

Queen to invite Trump to Windsor

A UK government source confirms that Trump will visit the UK in June or July 2017 and will meet with the Queen at dine with her at Windsor Castle. Trump is already expecting the invitation and discussed his excitement at the prospect of visiting the Queen when he met Farage and other Brexit backers at his New York apartment last Saturday. One of that group said:

He’s looking forward to it. He’s a massive Anglophile. He was really, really keen. His late mother, Mary, loved the Queen. He said, ‘I’m going to meet her, too. I can’t wait to come over to England. My mum would be chuffed to bits when I meet the Queen.’

Trump told Theresa May when they had their first official phone call 10 days ago that his mother, a Scot, had been a big fan of the Queen, and asked the prime minister to pass on his best wishes to the monarch. UK Cabinet source:

The Queen is the key here. She’s not a secret weapon, she’s the biggest public weapon you have. Nigel Farage can’t get [Trump] in front of the Queen.

9 Sep, 2015

Becomes longest reining monarch

Makes Statement

Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest-reigning monarch in Britain’s history by passing Queen Victoria, who served for 63 years and seven months. While inaugurating a new train route along the Scottish border, she says she had not aspired to pass Victoria and simply saw it as a logical result of having lived a long life.

I thank you all, and all of the many others at home and overseas, for your touching messages of great kindness.

Prime Minister Cameron:

Over the last 63 years, Her Majesty has been a rock of stability in a world of constant change and her selfless sense of service and duty has earned admiration not only in Britain, but right across the globe.

British legislators mark the milestone in Parliament and newspapers share special souvenir tributes to the Queen.

9 Aug, 2015

Plot to assassinate Queen

Terror Incident

British security forces says Islamic extremists from ISIS are planning to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II, using a ‘deadly pressure cooker bomb’ set to detonate near The Queen as she attends events in central London to commemorate the 70th anniversary of V-J Day, the Allied victory over Japan in World War II. The report comes before the threat has been neutralized, and that security forces are in a race against time to thwart the assassination plot. Security has reportedly been bolstered around the queen and Cameron ahead of the event.

4 Jun, 2015

Tightens regulations after leak

Makes Statement

BBC Administrators review and tighten regulations on staff tweeting stories about sensitive news after a rogue tweet causing news organizations to wrongly report Queen Elizabeth II is dead or in the hospital. Updated guidelines for  “category one” public figures including the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and the Duke of Cambridge state:

It is essential that those responsible for the coverage in the hour or so immediately after the announcement of death, especially of the Monarch and, assuming the death is a natural one, understand that this is NOT a “breaking story” in the normally accepted sense. If the death was sudden and/or unexpected, the circumstances of the death, as a news story, might well take precedence, at least in the initial coverage. However, it would be expected that the tone would become more reflective as the coverage unfolds.

3 Jun, 2015

Obituary rehearsal rogue tweet

Makes Statement

Following a routine obituary rehearsal for Queen Elizabeth II, a BBC reporter releases a tweet stating the Queen is dead. The tweet is quickly followed by one stating the Queen is being treated in hospital, then the tweets are deleted. Reports state the Queen is in good health. BBC official:

During a technical rehearsal for an obituary, tweets were mistakenly sent from the account of a BBC journalist saying that a member of the royal family had been taken ill. The tweets were swiftly deleted and we apologise for any offence.

25 Dec, 2014

Praises Ebola workers

Queen Elizabeth says during her review of the year that she is affected by the courage of Ebola workers:

I have been deeply touched this year by the selflessness of aid workers and medical volunteers who have gone abroad to help victims of conflict or of diseases like Ebola, often at great personal risk

24 Oct, 2014

Posts first tweet

Queen Elizabeth II posts her first tweet welcoming visitors to a new information age gallery at the Science Museum of London. The tweet posts on the official British monarchy Twitter feed.

23 Sep, 2014

The Queen ‘purred’

While speaking to the former mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, Cameron is overheard saying that he has never seen someone so happy after he informed the Queen of the Scottish referendum poll results. Recalling that he had called the Queen to say “it’s all right”, he said: “She purred down the line. I’ve never heard someone so happy.”

It should never have been that close. It wasn’t in the end, but there was a time in the middle of the campaign when it felt… I’ve said I want to find these polling companies and I want to sue them for my stomach ulcers because of what they put me through, you know. It was very nervous.

Buckingham Palace declines comment

4 Jul, 2014

Launches britain’s biggest warship

The Queen smashes a bottle of whisky on the hull of a 65,000-tonne Royal Navy aircraft carrier, officially naming the warship as HMS Queen Elizabeth. The ceremony takes place at Fife’s Rosyth Dockyard. The vessel is the first of two aircraft carriers being built involving more than 10,000 people at more than 100 companies in its design and construction. The estimated cost of HMS Queen Elizabeth and its sister ship is £6.2 billion, way over the initial projected cost of £3.65bn. It is as long as 25 buses and can carry 40 jets and helicopters at a time. By the time it will enter service in 2020, it will have a permanent crew of about 1,600.

24 Jan, 1965

‘The whole world is poorer’


Queen Elizabeth II speaks on Churchill’s death to his wife.

The whole world is the poorer by the loss of his many-sided genius while the survival of this country and the sister nations of the Commonwealth, in the face of the greatest danger that has ever threatened them, will be a perpetual memorial to his leadership, his vision, and his indomitable courage.

What's this? This is an unbiased just-the-facts news timeline ('newsline') about Queen Elizabeth II, created by Newslines' contributors. Help us grow it by finding and summarising news. Learn more