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Releases second Kovaleski statement

27 Nov, 2015

In response to Kovaleski’s claim that he interviewed him in the 80s, Trump releases a statement saying he doesn’t remember him.

I have met thousands of reporters over my lifetime. Very few treat me fairly, but those that do I have great respect for. Serge Kovaleski, who said he interviewed me in the 1908s is grasping at straws because he is embarrassed because after 14 years, with no retraction, he tried to change his story.

His meeting with me may have been the highlight of his career, it certainly wasn’t the highlight of mine. While I may have met him, I don’t remember him — he made no impression upon me. I have done many day in the life stories with reporters – the entire day in the life usually lasts for a very short period as far as the actual reporting goes. I leave this message to Serge Kovaleski who I look forward to meeting or meeting again someday. Don’t change a story you wrote 14 years ago — you lose all credibility.

The good part for Serge is that he has gotten more publicity in the last 48 hrs than he has in the past 35 years — and he obviously loves it which is why he keeps pushing this ridiculous story — but that’s fine with me.

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