Donald TrumpMakes Statement

Responds to Republican critics

4 Jul, 2015

In an interview with Fox news, Trump criticizes Republican opponents who have criticized his recent comments on immigration. On George Pataki:

I know Pataki well, and, you know, he’s a sad figure. He’s got zero in the polls, and he was a terrible governor of New York. Terrible. If he would have run again, he would have failed.

On Marco Rubio:

And, you know, as far as Rubio, he is very weak on immigration, and I have been saying that for a long time about him.

On Jeb Bush:

He’s not a stupid guy, so I don’t assume that he thinks every Mexican crossing the border is a rapist. So he’s doing this to inflame and to incite and to draw attention to his campaign, which seems to be his organizing principle of his campaign, and it doesn’t represent the Republican Party or its values.

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