Donald TrumpPress Conference

Visits U.S. – Mexico border

23 Jul, 2015

Trump visits the U.S. border with Mexico and says he will not  apologize for his comments on illegal immigration or back away from his plan to build a wall between the two countries. Trump wears a blazer, white dress shoes and a white ball cap emblazoned with his campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” Border Patrol agents who had invited Trump back out, citing the appearance of politicization. Trump accuses unnamed officials in Washington of trying to silence them. When questioned by a Telemundo journalist about his comments on immigration:

No, no, no. We’re talking about illegal immigration and everybody understands that. And you know what: that’s a typical case — wait, that’s a typical case of the press with misinterpretation. They take a half a sentence — they take a half a sentence, then they take quarter of a sentence and put it all together. It’s a typical thing.

Donald Trump FULL Press Conference In Laredo, TX at U.S./Mexico Border (7-23-15)

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