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White: Trump may attend UFC 205

11 Nov, 2016

White says Trump told him he would attend UFC 205 if he won the election.

Donald originally told me he that would come to the fight, if he won. I don’t think Donald really realised what his duties were going to be had he won. I think he’s meeting with Obama today and then I don’t know. We’ll see, man. Listen, no pressure to come … but it wouldn’t suck if he came.

He also says the family contacted him after the win.

His family reached out to me that night. I was in my hotel room, you know, watching the results, and they had, they had me come down to the (victory) party. So i went to the party, that night and, they’ve been very good to me, so good luck to him.

Dana White – Trump Might Come to UFC 205 ... 'Originally Said He Would'

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