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No regrets, would treat Ebola patients

6 Nov, 2014

Vinson tells the Today Show that she has no regrets about treating Thomas Eric Duncan and would treat other Ebola patients.

Nursing is what I do. I could never see a patient that needs help and not do everything I can to help them.

Discussing coming under fire for having flown to and from Ohio on a commercial plane.

It made me feel terrible because that’s not me. I am not careless. I am not reckless…I was never told that I couldn’t travel. I talked to my (Intensive Care Unit) management team. I talked to management in person and they said the CDC said it was OK for me to go…I’m an ICU nurse; I embrace protocol and guidelines and structure, because in my day-to-day nursing, it is a matter of life and death.

Vinson says she was “floored” when she heard that Nina Pham had become ill.

I was afraid for myself and my family. I did everything I was instructed to do. I felt if Nina can get it, any one of us can get it.

About her training:

We did not have excessive training where we could put on and take off the protective equipment, where we could get to a level of being comfortable with it. I didn’t have that.

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