Elle Fanning



boxtrollsFanning plays Winnie, a curious nine-year-old in the movie Boxtrolls. The movie tells the story of lovable monsters known as the Boxtrolls who live under the streets of the town of Cheesebridge. Winnie befriends Eggs, a human orphan the Boxtrolls have fostered, when he ventures above ground. Fanning:

I felt like maybe she was an unexpected character for me to play, just ‘cause, I don’t know, I’ve never played anyone like her before. She has like this kind of bratty element and she’s like slightly spoiled. But I liked how she looked so sweet on the outside but on the inside she loves like all these little grotesque things, like blood and bones, and it was just fun to play with her. Like, you could really experiment and go all out, and that was fun to just be kind of dramatic in that way. I enjoyed it. And also, I mean, at first when the audience sees her they might not like her than much — she’s a little snooty. But afterwards she wins you over and you realize kind of what she is, and she has a sensitive side and she’s just trying to help Eggs and get the attention from her dad that she wants. And I guess she’s just a very good nine-year-old girl. I like her a lot.

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