John LegendMeghan Trainor


24 Sep, 2014

Trainor tells that she will be teaming up with Legend in a song on her upcoming debut album.

I wrote the song like years ago and it wasn’t going to make my album but my Uncle Burton Toney, the man, my Trinidadian uncle [he is married to Meghan’s aunt] he met my managers and forced them to listen. ‘He said you need to hear this song, she didn’t show you this song, you need to hear it. And I thought because it wasn’t shoo-wop vibey I blanked out, and the girl, my manager, listened to it and started crying and she’s like ‘You know you’ve got to cut this, right?’

So then I cut it, I produced a version with my friend and they sent it to John because he’s on my management company and he’s like ‘I love this I want to be a part of it’…It’s gonna be cool.

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