Emma SulkowiczPaul Nungesser

Alleged assault against Josie

Apr 2012

Josie (a pseudonym) is allegedly assaulted by Nungesser when she is bartending a party during her junior year at Columbia. She says she went upstairs to bring down more beer to restock the bar. Nungesser is drunk and follows her. She hadn’t asked him to join her, but his offer to help retrieve the PBR seemed friendly enough.

Paul followed me upstairs at a party, came into a room with me uninvited, closed the door behind us, and grabbed me. I politely said, “Hey, no, come on, let’s go back downstairs.” He didn’t listen. He held me close to him as I said no, and continued to pull me against him. I pushed him off and left the room quickly. I told a few friends and my boyfriend at the time how creepy and weird it was. I tried to find excuses for his behavior. I did a decent job of pushing it out of my mind.

She tells some close friends how unnerved she was, and writes it off as creepy, drunken aggression. Nungesser leaves her alone after that night.

I wasn’t emotionally scarred or anything. I’m used to people grabbing my ass in bars—that’s the shitty state of the world today. Honestly, I didn’t even think it was a reportable offense covered by the misconduct policy.

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Emma SulkowiczPaul Nungesser

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