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Emma Watson

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Emma Watson is an English actress and model born in 1990 in Paris, France. Watson initially became well known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movie series. She has also appeared in films such as Ballet Shoes, The Tale of Despereaux, My Week with Marilyn, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Bling Ring, and This is the End. Awards Watson has won include a Young Artist Award, National Movie Ward, Capri Art Film Festival Award, and Teen Choice Award.

28 Aug, 2015


Film Appearance

In this thriller directed by Alejandro Amenabar, based on a book by Amenabar, Watson plays a young woman who encounters painful memories of Satanic ritual abuse while under hypnosis. Then her father confesses to the crime, an investigation uncovers a conspiracy. Co-starring Ethan Hawke, David Dencik, David Thewlis and Dale Dikey.

19 Apr, 2015

Time 100 Most Influential list

Other Awards

Time names Watson in its 100 list of top influencers primarily for her #HeForShe campaign. Watson’s international campaign calls for gender equality, even inviting men to give their support. Other actors on the list include Bradley Cooper and Julianne Moore. The magazine:

Her HeForShe speech at Davos was an Internet sensation, but unsurprisingly, it drew the typical antifeminist rants and even some threats. Watson chose to highlight the moving letters she has received from fathers who tell her they are investing new hope in the future for their daughters. But she was also frank about the bullying tactics of her detractors and one site that made an empty threat to release nude photos. Her confident and cool reaction: ‘If they were trying to put me off, they did the opposite.’

26 Mar, 2015

Named most outstanding woman

Other Awards

AskMen places Watson on top of their list of 99 most outstanding women. Publisher Bassil :

Emma Watson is so many incredible things at once — rich, successful, famous, stylish, beautiful, intelligent, personable, kind. And yet, rather than be content with a life of luxury, she’s thrown her back into a serious social issue in an effort to shift the way our society treats women.

Emma Watson interview


Total Film magazine interviews Watson about biggest challenge of taking up role of Belle in live action remake of Beauty and the Beast

I sing, so that’s really unexpected. I’ve never had to do that for a film role before, and I think people will be interested to see me do something very different like that.It gives me a different challenge, really. That’s terrifying in and of itself!

5 Mar, 2015

To host HeForShe event

Hosts Show

Watson announces hosting a live HeForShe event on gender equality in London.

Sunday the 8th march it’s International Women’s Day. It’s very exciting and I hope that you will also be excited because I am going to be conducting a live Q&A in London answering your questions about gender equality.

1 Jan, 2015

Elle South Africa cover

Magazine Cover

Watson appears on the cover of the January 2015 issue of Elle South Africa magazine. She talks about the United Nations and feminism.

Feminism is not here to dictate to you. It’s not prescriptive, it’s not dogmatic. All we are here to do is give you a choice.

21 Sep, 2014

UN gender equality speech

Watson delivers a speech for the HeForShe gender equality campaign at the United Nations headquarters in New York City.

When I was eight, I was confused about being called “bossy” because I wanted to direct the plays that we would put on for our parents. But the boys were not. When at 14, I started to be sexualized by certain elements of the media, when at 15, my girlfriends started dropping out of their beloved sports teams, because they didn’t want to appear “muscle-y,” when at 18, my male friends were unable to express their feelings, I decided that I was a feminist.

1 Aug, 2014

Protests Turkish politician’s sexism

Representing her role as U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador and joining scores of Turkish women on Twitter, Watson posts a photo of herself laughing in public aimed at the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister.  The photos are in protest to Bülent Arınç’s speech about moral corruption in Turkey where he states that women should not laugh out loud in public.

7 Jul, 2014

UN Goodwill Ambassador


UN Women, the UN’s gender-equality entity, names Watson the new Goodwill Ambassador. Watson will work on the organization’s women’s-empowerment campaign, HeForShe, and is the first to be appointed under the leadership of Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, the Under Secretary-General and executive director of U.N. Women. Mlambo-Ngcuka believes that Watson’s “intellect and passion” embodies the values of U.N. Women, and that her experience promoting girls’ education in countries such as Bangladesh and Zambia, will help spread the organization’s mission.

Women’s rights are something so inextricably linked with who I am, so deeply personal and rooted in my life that I can’t imagine an opportunity more exciting.  I still have so much to learn, but as I progress I hope to bring more of my individual knowledge, experience and awareness to this role.


Crashes UN website

Watson tweets her excitement about joining UN Women to her 13 million followers, causing the UN’s website to crash.

30 Jun, 2014

UK investigates US housekeeper

The actress is under investigation by British immigration officials after receiving complaints that she employed an American housekeeper while living in the United Kingdom.  Watson reportedly traveled to the UK with her US housekeeper who continued to work for her.  The housekeeper, who was hired in New York in early 2013, possessed a tourist visa which strictly prohibits visitors in the UK from working.  Watson could face up to $17,000 if fines if found guilty. The actress’s rep has yet to respond to requests for comment.

25 May, 2014

Graduates from Brown


Watson graduates from Brown University with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature. In an interview with Elle, Watson mentions that people didn’t always support her:

So many people told me it wasn’t possible.  I kept saying, ‘I don’t care.’ This is what I want. And graduating will, for me, be really symbolic of all of that. I will be there. And I will be throwing a huge party.

3 Apr, 2014

Emma Watson interview

Elle Magazine interviews Watson about growing up in the public eye.

There are these actresses who have emerged in the last year or two, and they get to emerge as this complete human being. And I’m so jealous! Because everyone has seen me with my terrible haircuts and my awful teeth and all the terrible things I wore and the stupid things I said. I mean, there was a dress I wore to the final Harry Potter premiere. I looked like I was trying to dress like a sugarplum fairy. I looked like a meringue.

28 Mar, 2014


Watson stars in Noah, a film portraying the story of Noah and his mission by God to save the innocent animals on Earth as rising floodwaters cleanse the planet of mankind’s evil. In the movie, Watson portrays Ila, the adopted daughter of Noah (Russel Crowe) and his wife, Naameh (Jennifer Connelly).

I think it’s a really original take on a genre, on a story, on an idea.

13 Mar, 2014

Elle cover

Magazine Cover

1394722228_emma-watson-elle-cover-467The actress appears on the cover of the April 2014 issue of Elle magazine. She talks about how she is jealous of other actresses.

There are all these actresses who have emerged in the last year or two, and they get to emerge as this complete human being, and I’m so jealous!

4 Jan, 2014

Watson, Adamowicz break-up


Friends of the star reveal that Watson and Adamowicz have parted ways because of her hectic film schedule. Watson’s Rep confirms the break-up saying that the two called it quits over the summer and are no longer talking. One source claims that a photo of Adamowicz surrounded by white powder may have been the cause of the break up. The source believes that Watson’s reps may be trying to distance the star from a possible drug scandal.

Jan 2014

Watson, Janney dating


emma-watson-matt-janneyWatson is rumored to be dating Oxford rugby star, Matthew Janney.  The couple was seen kissing and cuddling on a Caribbean vacation where Janney appeared to be “very much into her,” often putting his arm around her while the two smiled and giggled.  The two reportedly met at a post-match victory celebration on December 12th, 2013.

1 Oct, 2013

British GQ cover

Magazine Cover

emma-watson-covers-british-gq-october-2013Watson appears on the cover of the October 2013 issue of British GQ magazine. The magazine says:

She has a grace and a level-headedness rare amongst former child stars, and is quickly becoming one of Britain’s most exciting leading ladies.

The Edit cover

Magazine Cover

emma-watson-covers-the-edit-in-sustainably-produced-dressWatson appears on the cover of the October 2013 issue of The Edit magazine. She talks about the Green Carpet Challenge and prepping for the red carpet.

Getting ready for an event can feel like a lot of pressure. You have to consider, ‘Will people see up my skirt? If a flash goes off, can you see through this?’ So I’ll do a test sitting, a test standing… It’s nerve-wracking. People really scrutinize… On the red carpet, I’m usually in so much discomfort – my shoes are uncomfortable, I can’t breathe in the dress. I don’t compromise like that in my everyday style.

Oct 2013

‘Sexiest Female Movie Star’

Empire magazine names Watson the “Sexiest Female Move Star.”

Combining smarts with beauty, Emma Watson’s been a favorite for years, even back in the days when people really shouldnt have been thinking that way about young Hermione.  But since leaving Hogwarts she’s blossomed into a fine young actress, playing roles from teen thief to music nerd, and even having fun as herself in This is The End.

1 Aug, 2013

Teen Vogue cover

Magazine Cover

emma-watson-14Watson appears on the cover of the August 2013 issue of Teen Vogue magazine. She talks about how she was sheltered from the world during Harry Potter filming and realizing how famous she is once she got to college.

It sounds stupid, or completely unbelievable, but that was when I really realized that I was famous. There are still days when I deal with it horribly and there are days when I deal with it really well.

1 Jun, 2013

W cover

Magazine Cover

emma-watson-covers-w-magazine-june-july-2013Watson appears on the cover of the June/July 2013 issue of W magazine. She talks about her childhood, her character in Bling Bling, her Wardrobe in Bling Bling.

Who wouldn’t love to go to work in Uggs and very low-slung tracksuit bottoms? The iconic detail of Nicki is her tramp stamp. It’s a lotus flower, a Buddhist-like symbol just above her butt crack. Really classy! (Laughs) And at one point I told the costumer designer, ‘You can see my bra strap in this top; shouldn’t we pin it?’ And she said, ‘No, sweetie—Nicki is all about her bra strap showing.’ I was like, right, okay, different mind-set.

1 May, 2013

British GQ cover

Magazine Cover

emma-watson-covers-british-gq-new1Watson appears on the cover of the May 2013 issue of British GQ magazine. She talks about her character in Bling Bling, choosing to do Bling Bling, and a role she doesn’t want to play.

Really I was open-minded about doing anything, but the one thing I didn’t want to do was get myself into a corset because I was worried I’d never get out again.

6 Feb, 2013

Defends Stewart


In an interview with Vanity Fair Italia, Watson defends Stewart against recent media criticism regarding the scandal between Stewart and Rupert Sanders.

I thought that the media picked on her in a very horrible way. Kristen is human, just like everybody else, and she’s so young.  Everyone makes mistakes, everyone. It’s not fair to consider them matters of public interest.


Yoga and meditation certified

Watson becomes certified to teach yoga and meditation. She tells Elle Magazine that due to an uncertain future, she needed a way “to always feel safe and at home within myself.”

Because I can never rely on a physical place.  If I’ve learned anything, it’s really just to stop trying to find answers and certainties.

1 Oct, 2012

Glamour cover

Magazine Cover

emma-watson-covers-glamour-october-2012Watson appears on the cover of the October 2012 issue of Glamour magazine. She talks about kissing her boyfriend, her Lena Dunham obsession, and growing out her hair.

I have to for roles. But if I had it my way, I would have just kept it short forever. Of course, men like long hair. There’s no two ways about it. The majority of the boys around me were like, “Why did you do that? That’s such an error.” And I was like, “Well, honestly, I don’t really care what you think!” I’ve never felt so confident as I did with short hair—I felt really good in my own skin.”

Nylon cover

Magazine Cover

emma-watson-covers-nylon-magazine-october-2012Watson appears on the cover of the October 2012 issue of Nylon magazine. Market Editor:

She didn’t want to wear earrings – so at one point she took an actual safety pin, cut off the sharp end, and put it through her ear.

Glamour UK cover

Magazine Cover

Glamourno-priceOctober12_bWatson appears on the cover of the October 2012 issue of Glamour UK magazine. She talks about how she nailed love, fashion, and body confidence.

Celebrity is the hardest part of what I do. You just hope that people look past the hype and see you.

20 Sep, 2012

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Film Appearance

In this coming-of-age drama, directed by Stephen Chbosky, Watson plays Sam, a free-spirited high school senior who, with her stepbrother Patrick, form a friendship with Charlie, a newcomer to their school. Co-starring Logan Lerman, Erza Miller, Mae Whitman, Nina Drobev.

I’d been reading scripts after the fourth Harry Potter movie around the age of 15, 16 and just didn’t read anything that I really loved instantly . . . it’s almost not that I had lost interest, but my agent was starting to get stressed. I wasn’t really into anything and then I read Perks of Being a Wallflower, and it’s so beautifully written and so funny. I was incredibly moved by it and just instantly knew A) that the movie had to be made and B) that I had to play Sam. I really wanted to play Sam, and was just really drawn to her, so when I met with Stephen, we just instantly clicked and it felt like was meeting an old friend. Then I met with Logan, and I knew he was the perfect Charlie, and it was just a really obvious, obvious choice for me.

1 Sep, 2012

T cover

Magazine Cover

emma-watson-t-magazineWatson appears on the cover of the Fall 2012 issue of T magazine. She talks about why she didn’t do other films during Harry Potter, her parents’ advice, and fame.

If I went to somewhere busy, I wouldn’t last very long. I can’t go to a museum, I’ll last 10 or 15 minutes in a museum. The problem is that when one person asks for a photograph, then someone sees a flash goes off, then everyone else sort of . . . it’s sort of like a domino effect. And then very quickly the situation starts to get out of control to a point where I can’t manage it on my own.

Apr 2012

Watson, Adamowicz dating


emma-watson-300Watson is seen kissing Will Adamowicz, a fellow Oxford student, at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California.  The visit to Coachella was a birthday outing for the star who turned 22 on Sunday.  The pair met in 2011 while studying at Oxford.

17 Oct, 2011

Starts year at Worcester College

Attends College

While a permanent student at Brown University, Watson begins her 2011-2012 academic year abroad to study English at Worcester College, England.  In a message on her website, the actress tells her fans that she’s been busy studying and wishes them luck with their own:

You might not hear from me for a while because I will be really busy studying but I wanted to just say hi and bye : )

1 Aug, 2011

Harper’s Bazaar UK cover

Magazine Cover

emma-watson-harpers-bazaar-uk-august-2011Watson appears on the cover of the August 2011 issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK magazine. She talks about why she left school, getting angry while acting, and her self-image.

I feel if I have to work out four hours a day, and count the calories of everything I put in my mouth, and have Botox at 22, and obsess about how I look the whole time, I will go mad, I will absolutely lose it.

Seventeen cover

Magazine Cover

emma-watson-seventeen-august-2011Watson appears on the cover of the August 2011 issue of Seventeen magazine. She talks about relationships, playing hard to get, and which Harry Potter co-star she has a crush on.

For the first two movies, I had a huge crush on Tom Felton. He was my first crush. He totally knows. We talked about it – we still laugh about it. We are really good friends now, and that’s cool.

15 Jul, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2

Watson plays Hermione for the final time in the eight film depicting the second half of the the seventh book by J.K. Rowling. She helps Harry and Ron destroy the last of Voldermort’s horcruxes.

When it came time to shoot the big kiss between Ron and Hermione, Rupert [Grint] and I cracked under the pressure.

1 Jul, 2011

Vogue cover

Magazine Cover

emma-watson-vogue-july-2011Watson appears on the cover of the July 2011 issue of Vogue magazine. She talks about experimenting with Harry Potter makeup, Daniel Radcliffe, and balancing education and work.

I have felt for the last ten years I have had this battle; I’ve been fighting so hard to have an education. It’s been this uphill struggle. I was Warner Bros.’ pain in the butt. I was their scheduling conflict. I was the one who made life difficult. I just realized at one point that I can’t fight everything. I have to move in the direction of it—and go with it.

25 Apr, 2011

Denies bullying

Makes Statement

Watson’s representative denies reports that the actress was bullied out of Brown, adding that she is pursuing a course not offered at the University but has “absolutely loved” her time there.  In a statement on her website, Watson defends her fellow students by saying:

I felt the need to let you all know the reason I took a semester off from Brown had nothing to do with bullying as the media have been suggesting recently. I have never been bullied in my life and certainly never at Brown. This ’10 points to Gryffindor’ incident never even happened. I feel the need to say this because accusing Brown students of something as serious as bullying and this causing me to leave seems beyond unfair.

21 Apr, 2011

Allegedly bullied


A New York Daily News article claims that Watson was being bullied at Brown which may have been a reason for her leaving the institution.  An inside source says that whenever the actress would respond to a question in class, her classmates would shout, “Three points for Gryffindor!”  A Harvard student adds that during a Brown vs. Harvard football game, those nearby the actress shouted Harry Potter phrases as her, but she stayed for the whole game.

7 Mar, 2011

Takes a break from Brown


The actress announces that she is taking a short break from her studies as Brown in order to focus on, and finish up, her professional projects including Harry Potter.  She adds that she will continue to work towards her degree but that it may take and extra semester or two.

As you know, I love Brown and I love studying pretty much more than anything but recently I’ve had so much to juggle that being a student AND fulfilling my other commitments has become a little impossible.

25 Feb, 2011

Final People Tree collection

Coinciding with Fairtrade Fortnight, an annual promotional campaign to increase awareness of Fairtrade products, Watson unveils her third and final fashion collection for People Tree.  The collection is described as having a summer festival look, featuring floral and check-print tea dresses , denim hot pants, and cotton waistcoats.  The actress also reveals that she spent time in Bangladesh to see first hand how the clothes were made:

The design process continued with me trying on each and every piece to get the fits just as I wanted them and then I visited Bangladesh to see the clothing actually being made and meet the people making it. It was an incredible and life-changing experience – I really wish everyone had the chance to see the difference Fair Trade makes with their own eyes.

1 Dec, 2010

Marie Claire cover

Magazine Cover

emma-watson-marie-claire-december-2010Watson appears on the cover of the December 2010 issue of Marie Claire magazine. She talks about her new cropped hair cut and growing up grounded.

I’ve had so much freedom: sometimes it’s been hard. My parents wanted to protect me, but they had no idea how.

1 Nov, 2010

Seventeen Mexico cover

Magazine Cover

emma-watson-seventeen-mexico-november-2010Watson appears on the cover of the November 2010 issue of Seventeen Mexico magazine. She talks about people liking because of her fame, a typical day in her life, and her fashion line.

I was very selfish. I designed what I would love to have. Plain, laid back stuff. I just pictured what I would love to wear.

1 Feb, 2010

People Tree collection launch

Together with People Tree, a pioneer in Fair Trade and environmentally sustainable fashion, Watson launches a fashion collection made mostly with organic and fair trade cotton.  The clothing is made entirely by hand by fair trade groups, helping to create livelihoods for disadvantaged groups in Bangladesh, India, and Nepal.  The fashion line, which is aimed at the 16-24 age group, is composed of 26 women’s styles, 15 for men, and a small accessories range.  The collection is available at People Tree concessions and online.

I was excited by the idea of using fashion as a tool to alleviate poverty and knew it was something I could help make a difference with.  I think young people like me are becoming increasingly aware of the humanitarian and environmental issues surrounding fast fashion and want to make good choices but there aren’t many options out there.

4 Sep, 2009

Brown University

Attends College

The actress joins Brown University’s class of 2013.  During her first day of orientation, Watson participates in group orientation week events such as a yoga class, midnight organ concert, and games night.  The actress, who will be studying literature at the university, says:

I want to be normal.  I really want anonymity. I want to do [the college experience] properly, like everyone else. As long as I don’t walk in and see, like, Harry Potter posters everywhere, I’ll be fine.

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