Entrepreneurial SparkJim DuffyTV Appearance

BBC News interview

7 Jul, 2015

Duffy appears on BBC News to talk about Entrepreneurial Spark.

We de-risk startups. We have three Hatcheries in Scotland, and we are about to open ten with NatWest and KPMG in the UK. We bring them into a space. There’s no cost for the space, so the entrepreneur keeps all that equity. We look at the mindsets and behaviours. We look at how they build teams. Their emotional intelligence and leadership. And through that 18-month program we make them investable, and it doesn’t cost them a thing…[We don’t provide funding] They have to have [their own] money to get started. But every entrepreneur thinks they need money, but what they actually need is customers, and a better validated idea.

Entrepreneurial Spark CEO Jim Duffy chats Entrepreneuring® and vision with BBC News

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