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18 Aug, 2017

I Am Lion, Fear Me

James Poole creates a song and video for McGregor that he says can be used as a walkout theme.

No one believed me but I saw it clearly. I AM LION, FEAR ME

24 Jul, 2017

40-year-old man impersonates McGregor on LA beach

A 40-year-old man wearing fake tattoos impersonates McGregor, while taking a walk on a Los Angeles beachfront. The impersonator managed to draw himself a crowd of fans willing to believe he was McGregor, and performed acrobatics on the sand, before getting in a Bentley and waving to the crowd surrounding him.

23 Jul, 2017

‘A Never Ending Legacy’ fan film

GreatToEntertain releases ‘A Never Ending Legacy’, a short film about McGregor, documenting his career rise. A young McGregor, starting out in UFC, talks about his dream:

My dream is to be the lightweight champion of the UFC, have more money than I know what to do with, and have a great life for my kids, my grandkids, my family, and everyone that’s come up with me.

A Never Ending Legacy (A Conor McGregor Film)

1 Jul, 2017

‘Wolves’ promo video

Axiom Films releases a promo video for McGregor-Mayweather.

One warrior put it to me like this: Most of the world is like sheep. they’re kind, gentle creatures that can only hurt each other by accident. Then there are wolves, the wolves will feed on the sheep. They are the sociopaths, they are the criminals. [The Warrior] wanders around, checks the perimeter every night. We’re talking about a creature that is capable of confronting and dealing with combat and sustaining themselves across the long haul. To be the one that is ready to respond to the threats when the time arrives.


7 Jun, 2017

Alvarez predicts how he will lose to McGregor

A fan video is released of Alvarez’s predictions about his UFC 205 fight with McGregor, in which he was beaten in the second round. Speaking ahead of the fight Alvarez stated on multiple occasions that there was an ‘easy way’ to beat the Irishman.

He’s just a guy with a left hand. That’s it. He does something in boxing that we call a ‘rock back’. He does it well but, this is something very simple. This is a move that’s very easily taken away.

Eddie Alvarez Predicts His Loss to Conor McGregor

5 Jun, 2017

Conor McGregor Fight Trash Talk compilation


A fan releases a compilation of McGregor’s in-ring trash talking moments. Chad Mendes:

I mean, you got to give it to him, the guy didn’t stop talking shit the entire time. I was hitting him with everything I had and the guy was still running his mouth. That’s Conor I guess.. I would land a giant elbow on his face and he would say, ‘Is that all you got?’ So, it was just stuff like that.

Conor McGregor Trash Talk During Fights

21 May, 2017

The McGregor Show

A fan video is released of McGregor singing to Jay-Z’s Empire State Of Mind.

Just a lad from Crumlin, who knocked out every other sucker. Now I’m here on Broadway to slap the head off some poor f-cker.

The McGregor Show - New York (UFC 205)